Quiapo is one of the famous places in the Philippines. I am proud "Batang Quiapo" and I lived 27 years of my life in that awesome place, though I know many would disagree, when I say "Awesome". But that is true, I love being there because of the neighborhood and of course the accessibility of everything, from fashionable clothes to housewares. Name it and Quiapo will give it to you. Here are some of my Quiapo Collections, hope you will like it. 

Story 1: Shopping Malls in Quiapo

Quiapo is a very famous place in the Philipines, this place is the heart of Manila. There are many landmarks that you can see in Quiapo such as the Quiapo church, Raon the electronic place for sellers and buyers, etc. There are two shopping malls in Quiapo that can be called institution because the two are in Quiapo for so many years already.

The shopping malls in Quiapo that I am talking about are Isetann and SM Quiapo. The two malls are adjacent, separated only by a not so big way for jeepneys and tricycles. 

Isetann has a grocery store, where many Quiaponians are buying due to cheap prices and department store, while SM has watson and department store also. SM Quiapo is continuously offering sales and big discounts because this store is the SM clearance outlet and this is good for those who are in a tighter budget. Aside from the two said malls, Quiapo has many small malls and most of them are in the form of tiangge. This Tiangge is good for those who love bargains and discounts. One of the malls that are in  tiangge style is the mall near and front of Quiapo church. 

Story 2:  Raon Quiapo Manila, Where You Buy Electronic Gadgets and Electrical Equipment

Raon, Quiapo Manila is very near at Quiapo Church or the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene. This place is also near in Isetann Recto, Manila. Many people are in Raon, Quiapo Manila because this place has many stores that sell electronic gadget, home appliances such as TV, washing machine, DVD  component, speakers, electrical and carpentry equipment such as wires, woods, nails, hammers, multi-testers, PCB, soldering iron, padlocks, big chains, etc. In addition, motorcycle gadgets are also available in Raon, such as helmet and other motor parts and accessories.

Here in Raon, you can make bargain to sellers because the competition is strong. Aside from the sellers who rent in buildings there are also sellers along the streets. Raon is a big place for this electronic thing and this is perfect for those who want to save money and those who want to get big discounts. 

Story 3:   Quiapo is the Heart of Manila

I live in Quiapo for 27 years now and I could say that this place is very dear to my heart. Although many heard of not so good thing about Quiapo I still see this place as my own home. Quiapo is the heart of Manila and many Manilenyo would agree. 
So how will I describe Quiapo? In Quiapo you will find the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene or more known as the Quiapo church. The Quiapo church is one of the famous churches in the Philippines because this is the place where Nazareno devotees go during Quiapo feast, every Friday and Holy week. 
There are many schools, colleges and Universities in Quiapo such The National Teachers College, MLQU, Feati, TIP and many more. Quiapo is also known for DVD market, although this is not a good story due to piracy issue. In addition, Quiapo  is also known for selling many products and merchandises such as fashionable clothes, Ukay-ukay, fruits, vegetables, electronics equipment, medicines, etc. 
Quiapo is not a bad place like many have known, this is still a healthy place to live in and enjoy what life can offer. Who does not like to live in a place where all things can be accessed? This is Quiapo all things can be bought! The Jeepneys and buses are present here that will take you anywhere in the Philippines. There are buses in Quiapo that will take you in Cavite, Laguna, Baclaran, and many part of Luzon. 
The description above will justify why Quiapo is the heart of Manila. 

Story 4: The Most Accesible Place in Manila "Quiapo"

Quiapo is the heart of Manila and this place is famous because of many things it can offer to people. Quiapo is known for having the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene Church, also known as “Simbahan ng Quiapo”. Many catholic devotees are coming here for prayers, masses and visiting the image of Nazareno.
Quiapo has many establishments people love, such as clothing and electronic stores, malls, restaurants. Raon, which is located in Quiapo is the place for electronic equipment and appliances. Quiapo has many restaurants and food chains such as Jollibee, KFC, Mang Inasal, Greenwich, Dunkin Donuts and most of these are can be found in Plaza Miranda. Quiapo has Quinta wet market where you can buy fish, meat, vegetables and fruits. 
The wet market is near the church and people enjoy making discounts on some commodities. Ukay-Ukay is also present in Quiapo, you can find this near or outside SM Quiapo. 
This place so called Quiapo has many tiangge like Divisoria which sell affordable clothes, acessories and shoes. The underpass in Quiapo has many stores that offer different commodities such as, clothes, shoes, accessories, medicines and foods. Some schools like Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) and Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) have branches in Quiapo.
Transportations in different directions and places are present in Quiapo like jeepneys and buses going to Quezon City, Baclaran, Pasay, Cavite and almost everywhere in Metro Manila and Luzon. 
These are the reasons why many love to stay in this very accessible  place so called Quiapo. There are many good things you can see here. 

Story 5: Quiapo Feast 2013

            I was born in Manila and for 27 years of my life I lived there.  My childhood life was happy because of the loud neighborhood in Quiapo. Yes, I lived particularly in Quiapo, Manila, where people are noisy and happy.
            Furthermore, when I settled down, I moved in to Pasay city. Anyway, my sisters are still living in Quiapo and I am still looking forward for a celebration of Quiapo Feast this January 9, 2013. When my mom was still alive, she considered Quiapo feast as thanksgiving for God’s blessings to our family. That was the main reason why she prepared and cooked foods for the guest and other people.
           Quiaponian follows a traditional way of celebrating Quiapo Feast. During Quiapo feast, Quiaponian expects people who will play musical instruments and then will ask for money in exchange for their activity. Furthermore, the Ati-atihan group which mostly are gays will go house to house, and will ask homeowners if they will permit them to dance the ati-atihan. This activity will also ask for money, sometimes it irritates homeowners, however they performance is good which makes people satisfied. 
            There is also mini “peryahan” scattered all over the place before and on the “fiesta ng Quiapo”.  The peryahan has; colored game boards and “bunot” which you can win prizes like sisiw, water gun, etc.
            There is also a Miss Gay pageant before Quiapo feast, aroung January 7 or 8. In this event, people will gather in Arlegui Street to see the gay candidates.
          Of course I won’t forget to introduce to you the parade every Quiapo feast. The parade will start in the morning; this includes different musical bands and majorettes. These musical bands are competing to each other; there will be a winner of course.
             The procession of Black Nazareno or Nazarene is the highlight of the Quiapo feast every year, and this is the reason why there are so many catholic devotees and people in Quiapo during January 9. I think Nazareno or the statue of Christ will still be seen on Quiapo Feast 2013. Non- Catholics and other religion, contradict to this activity where people are determined to hold at least the rope that hold the Nazareno or climb the Nazareno image or statue. For me, if some people would go crazy just to see their idols such as lady gaga and the likes, why not for the Son of God? Jesus is the son of God and He deserves to be praised and worship. Non- Catholics are saying this is some kind of idolatry because of people are worshiping the image. In my opinion, it is not the image or statue that Catholics are taking into account but the memory of how Jesus saved us. I hope this short reflection will educate someone else.
          I will be in Quiapo this coming January 9, and hope there won’t be any bomb threats like last year. Guys, let us spread love no matter what religion we have. God is good all the time!

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