Life is a gift from God and we are responsible to live in good faith. There are different walks of life on earth and they say that whoever crosses your way is a special one because out of billions of people in the world, he or she has met you. There are collections of life stories that I have to share with you, hope you have the time to read these interesting life stories.

Story 1: Life of a Teacher

I am teaching in a private school in Manila. Being a teacher is not easy because it has ups and downs. I am teaching two subjects, Computer and TLE. Let me share with you some of my experiences as a Computer and TLE or Technology and Livelihood Education teacher.
This year 2012, we had a cooking activity and my students enjoyed the basic cooking. They prepared the Rice in a Box project. The preparation was easy and I observed that everybody was very active. 
I am happy when I see my students enjoy what I they do. It only means that I provide meaningful activity.
We also had a talk during one of our Computer club activities, I invited a guest speaker which gave a talk about Blogging. I enjoyed the talk because my students and I learned a lot. The speaker is an expert in IT and in Blogging world.
It is hard to be a teacher because of so many things to attend to like seminars, interactive activities for students and etc., but it is also rewarding if things get right and  the if the students are learning. This is the work of a teacher in Manila, this work makes me busy and I enjoy it!

Story 2: Talk on Forgiveness

Yesterday I attended a recollection in Quiapo, Manila and the speaker talked about Forgiveness. The talk on Forgiveness is very timely for the Lenten season.  He said that forgiveness is hard because to forgive is to give four times.

To Give Four Times:
The first to give in Forgiving others is to give up pride.
The second to give in Forgiving others is to be humble.
The third to give in Forgiving others is to give up selfishness
The fourth to give in Forgiving others is to give another chance.

In addition with this Talk, the homily during the mass that I attended thisAsh Wednesday was all about the meaning of ASH. The priest talks about giving without boundaries.

Meaning of ASH


Story 3: A Tribute to my Great and Loving Mama Kathleen or Mama Inday

I called my mother “mama” or “ma” when I was a child. When I grew older I changed it to “mommy” sometimes. I love her so much that is what I feel intensely until now. She was used to be a caring, understanding, hard working, loving, honest, and humble parent. 

She was always there for me. I greatly remember her teachings and principles in life; with this I can say that she had lived a well-driven life. Yes, she had lived a life with purpose because despite of difficulties and hardships she was able to raise us successfully. My siblings and I are all college graduates and professionals and we credit this to her. God called him and this is so painful, I will be missing her forever. 

My life was changed when my mom got sick and I realized that God gave her as a gift in our family and anytime He could take the gift, thank you Lord for the precious gift. Now I know that my mom is in your kingdom called HEAVEN. For my mom, thank you! You will always be loved and remembered! You are number one in my heart and I will never forget you. You are my everything MAMA!

Story 4: Inspired by Jaycee Dugard

I just read her story from one of the blog posts I visited, from then I got interested with her story. I watched and listened to her stories in YouTube and even downloaded the e-book of her published book “Stolen Life”. She is Jaycee Dugard, an american. She was kidnapped for 18 years and gave birth for two beautiful girls, the father is her abductor. She was eleven when kidnapped. Her mother tried her best to see her; however, fate did not permit it.

Her captor kept her in the back yard together with the kids. The captor has a wife and has knowledge on the kidnapped. He abused her physically, mentally and emotionally.

Jaycee Dugard is a strong woman, she faces the reality and not ashamed of what happened to her life. I salute her for having positive attitude. She is now free from her captor and she and her daughters are living with Jaycee’s mother. I like her a lot, now I realized how lucky I am compare to other people. I am grateful for our creator. Now that Jaycee is free, I think she is making the best of her life now. She has kids and that is something to be thankful and grateful for.  

Story 5: Love or Career?

I know that my husband can support me whether I am jobless or not. I will be honest in saying that I am jobless right now, yet I am still thinking if I will pursue my application to some jobs that I applied for. I am contented to be a full time housewife; however I am afraid that I will regret not using my profession later on. I am a teacher by profession and I am near in finishing my masteral degree.

My husband told me that he wants me to be in his side forever. I know what he meant by that, he wants me to be a full time housewife. We are a newlywed couple and I want to please him. He is a responsible better-half and always provides what I need. 

Now all of my friends are keeping on reminding me to apply on their school and I have pending application to one of the prestigious schools in San Juan. I am really bothered! It is hard to decide and I hate it when I am in a dilemma. It is really a hard time to choose for myself especially now that I am no longer single and need to consider my partner’s feelings.

If you are in my place, what will you choose, Career or Love? 

Story 6:  Life of a Woman with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS

Every woman’s dream is to have a baby. This is one of the woman’s purposes in life to bear a child that she will raise in good faith. In the sixth month of my marriage with a very understanding man, I was diagnosed with PCOs or polycystic ovary syndrome. For me this is illness, and I am not happy with this. If a woman has PCOS she will not ovulate regularly, unlike in a woman who regulates monthly.

Most of my prayers are about asking to have a baby. This month I thought I was pregnant because of some symptoms that I felt, like nausea, vomiting, headache, spotting and late period. I was so happy and I even planned to surprise my husband, good thing that I did not bought a pregnancy test because my period came this morning. I was so disappointed, yet I never lose hope. I am still praying to God that He will give me my own flesh and blood soon. Maybe this is not the right time.

By the way, I am planning to change my OB-Gyne because my medicines seem do not have a good effect on my body. My medicine is Metformin, this should make me lose weight sad to say my weight is continuously gaining. Metformin is the medicine of those with diabetes, but this is also taken with those who have PCOS. Some doctors, recommend taking Clomid also. My obstetrician also advised me to take vitamin E plus selenium, but I stopped due to the fact that vitamin E makes me crave for food.

Do you know a good fertility doctor in Pasay? Please give me her contacts, so I can seek for a good advice. Please do not hesitate to give me your opinion, suggestion and storytelling if you can relate to my problem. Thank you everyone.

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