History is a very interesting subject for many people, they say it reflects the past. Philippines has a great history because of the Filipino heroes that worked hard to free the country from invaders. ManilaLife has to cover some of the great people of Philippine history and of course other people who were also part of our history. 

Story 1:  Andres Bonifacio as National Hero and First President of the Philippines

             If I would take up a college course again, I will choose history as a major because of a simple realization. I just discovered that studying history is great, my nationalism and gratitude for Filipino heroes are enhanced.  Now I am fond of watching Filipino history videos and movies. I am proud of our Filipino heroes, they are worthy of time, reading about their whereabouts made me wanted to time travel. One hero caught my attention ever since I was a child and he is none other than Andres Bonifacio.

       Bonifacio was born in Tondo, Manila during the Spaniards colony. He was the commander of Katipunan or KKK. He is known for being AMA ng KATIPUNAN. His wife is Gregoria De Jesus AKA as Oryang. Filipinos know these facts for sure.

               Let me tell you my reaction about Bonifacio’s death. When I was a kid, my mom told me that he was shot to death by some Filipino soldiers. Even in that age I was got angry because of the fact that a Filipino was the master mind of this brutality. He is none other Emilio Aguinaldo. The two men were battling for power for presidency.  Andres Bonifacio did not deserve to be killed because he fought for our country. He sacrificed his life for the country and lived with determination that our country can be freed from Spaniards.   He should not be treated the wrong way like other Filipino soldiers did, even if he was not in favor of Emilio’s presidency. In addition, I think one of the reasons why Filipinos were not able to win in battling with the Spaniards was because they were not united as one.

              Now let us talk about Jose Rizal’s as our national hero. Before, Andres and Rizal were the candidates for national hero. I slightly agree that Jose Rizal is our national hero because he died for our country and his books Noli Me Tanghere and El Filibusterismo are great legacy for Filipinos. However, the fact that Andres Bonifacio was brave enough to face the Spaniards gave me another way to think. Yes , Rizal used his pen and mind while Bonifacio used his sword. Many people would prefer fighting using pen and mind, in my opinion the two ways of fighting with the Spaniards are in the same level. What we should weigh in choosing our national hero, is how the two heroes determined to free our country from conqueror.

As I think thoroughly, I realized that Bonifacio worth his fight because he was been a candidate not only for being first president of the Philippines but also as national hero. I am proud of him because we are both Manilenyos.

Story 2: Jose Rizal and His Novels

              I spoke my insights about Andres Bonifacio to one of my blog posts. I am inspired by the courage he showed to our country men during the Spaniards colonization. Some of my readers interpreted my post as I am more voted to Andres Bonifacio than Jose Rizal.  Well this s not true, because for me both heroes are equal in terms of courage and wisdom. I am done talking about Andres Bonifacio, and this time I will give my insights about Jose Rizal and his novels.

              Our great national hero who is Jose Rizal is one of the most intelligent persons I have known in my life. I am so impressed to his intelligence and courage to face the truth by writing his thought and feelings. My favorite books are Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. When I was younger and Noli Me Tangere was not yet introduced to me in school I even cried when I read the chapter where Basilio and Sisa was able to meet again after a long time of separation. I became emotional because of this book, full of vivid feelings, “Crispin, Basilio, mga anak ko” a cry of a mother who became crazy of losing her sons because of the bitter fate of having cruel people and husband around her.

                 The cancer of society that Jose Rizal talked about in his writings are still present today, I wonder what would be his opinion on what is happening in our time if he is still alive today. He was so versatile, his novels can prove it, and I even downloaded some of the novels of Jose Rizal that are now published in e-books. You can find it through Google Play. I love the idea of reminiscing the past because we owe are great history and freedom to our heroes. Furthermore, Jose Rizal captured my feelings to one of his characters in Noli Me Tangere who is none other than Elias. This man Elias showed a man of word and gratitude when he did not take his revenge for Crisostomo because the latter saved his life.

             The novels of Rizal are amazing for he was able to write in full view, what is happening to Philippines and to Filipino people during the time of Spaniards. In his novels, Rizal did not blame the Spaniards alone for the ungratefulness of the country; he was fair for writing the true characters of some Filipinos that time. Jose Rizal deserved to be our national hero because he is a man of wisdom, generosity and courage. I hope I can able to meet a man like Jose Rizal in this generation.

Story 3:  My Insights about Lt. Onoda the Last Japanese Soldier in the Philippines 

            As I browsed the internet, I encountered a video about Lt. Onoda’s life in the Philippines. The video was a documentary one, from I-witness. Lt. Hiroo Onada was a soldier during World War II. He was sent to the Philippines to be a spy. He stayed in the island of Calubang in Mindoro. He was loyal to his promised that he will stay in the island and do his duty. The downside of his loyalty was spending his 30 years of his life not knowing that the war was over. Before, he had companies, then one by one those soldiers die and he was left alone in the island. 
Although I pity him for wasting 30 years of his life, I still don’t like him because based on that documentary video, he was cruel to people living in that island or near that island.   He even killed innocent people. Maybe some people would say that he was only doing his duty because what he knew was that the war was still going on, however, we are accountable for what actions we do and I want him to face what he had done. Plenty of lives were shattered and I can feel the feelings of their families.
According to the video, he even wrote a book and he did not mention his cruelty.  I won't buy that book, knowing that he hide something. Well, this is just my opinion and I am just sharing my thought. 

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